Monday, January 4, 2016

1/4/16- Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Friends and Family!  I hope it is off to a good start for you!  I enjoyed 2 weeks off from work, and while I had a blast, it was constant go, go, go from seeing old friends, hanging with family, taking Jack to different holiday activities and parties, and getting some romantic dates in there with the husband (seeing Star Wars episode VIII is romantic, right?).  

It was hard not taking vacation earlier in the year, although there were some sick days in there for that I don't count as vacation (sick is not a vacation, FYI), but saving up for 2 weeks off was worth it! And I still logged in remotely  to check email and do misc tasks (almost every day, excluding the actual holidays, for about an hour), so going back to work today was slightly easier.   I do think Bobby, Jack and I are ready to back into our normal routine and schedule.  Staying up late, by which I mean 9 pm, for holiday activities and parties, seemed rough on Jack.  He'd sleep until 8 am most days (normally up around 7)!  Staying up late was probably harder for me though, haha!

Anyway, I'm way excited for 2016!  I'm hoping for better health (remission for the R.A.), spending time with Bobby and Jack, traveling (we hope to take Jack to Disneyland this year, under 2 is free!), renewing my interest in work and the engineering organization I'm involved with, working on my writing/going to writing workshops/maybe finding an agent!, and just overall hopes that all good things happen this year (I know that is out of my control, but I can hope, right?).  May we all have a good 2016! Cheers!

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