Sunday, February 14, 2016

2/14/16- The Valentines

Happy Valentine's Day!

This weekend has been full of lots of love.  My hubby and I went to dinner just the two of us at a new to us restaurant Tanzy on Saturday, and then today (Sunday) we paid it forward with babysitting, watching our friends' 2 boys so they could go out.  I was a bit tired after watching 3 boys and helping to clean up the house, so hubby let me take a nap, his extra gift to me this weekend.  Jack gave me a special Valentine's card, and we gave Jack a a coloring book and hugs and kisses.  Tomorrow Jack's daycare/school is closed, so hubby and I are taking a "holiday," and spending extra time together as a family.  We'll also be throwing a surprise lunch party for my brother. Should be a really great day tomorrow!  And then by Thursday, I'm off to a conference for women in engineering!  Something I always love every year.  I'll be sharing more about the conference next week.  Some people aren't big fans of Valentine's, but I like that it gives us a day to celebrate our love for each other because sometimes we get so wrapped up in work and school.  So if you're into the holiday, Happy Valentine's Day!  If not, a Unhappy Valentine's to you!  xoxo!


  1. I gave him a bamboo back scratcher with a long handle which I read is a "pamper gift for men" (but probably says a lot about old couples. He took me to eat at his favorite restaurant. Everybody had a good time!

    1. Sounds fun! And back scratchers are so useful! :)