Thursday, April 28, 2016

4/28/16- Golden Moments

Have you ever been in a moment where you know it's special and good and awesome and happy and that it's going to be burned into your memory forever?  Like if people or aliens use A/V technology to see your life (think Minority Report when there's flashbacks of a person's life), that one moment will be on the screen? I call these moments golden moments.

Sometimes you may not know it's one until later, when you're reminiscing and remembering the good ol' days. At other times, you may know you're experiencing that golden moment as you're living it. That happened for me the other day; I knew I was experiencing a golden moment.  Hubby, Jack and I were in Jack's room playing pretend cooking/eating right before bedtime. Jack was cooking and handing us food to eat. We'd pretend to gobble it right up, making silly eating sounds.  Our actions were making Jack grin huge, and even garner actual giggles (he smiles easily, but is choosier with where he hands out laughs). Then he actually starts chewing on the play food himself.   I don't image plastic hamburger really tastes that good, but he seemed to enjoy "eating" it.  :o)

We are all so happy and content, and nothing else was on our minds at the time.  None of the adults were on cell phones.  Jack wasn't distracted by something else in the room; his full attention was on us (we know the day will come when he doesn't always want to play/hang out with us).  We were just being a family, having fun.  And I knew right then that'd this moment would be a memory I'd remember forever.  It was a golden moment.

When Johnny describes to Ponyboy (from the movie "The Outsiders") Robert Frost's "Nothing Gold Can Stay" poem, and then tells Ponyboy to stay golden.  That is what I'm talking about.  The staying golden.  I'm not saying our children or ourselves stay golden (oh how I wish), but some of the memories we make with our children, some the memories we made and will continue to make with our own parents, some the memories we made and will continue to make with good friends and grandparents/siblings/aunties/cousins/and such, the golden moments, will stay forever.

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