Wednesday, June 22, 2016

6/22/16- Watermelon

Summer time and the living is easy...nothing like the 110 plus degree weather here in Phoenix to recall memories of my pregnancy.  As excited as I (and Bobby too) was to be pregnant and looking forward to many things (day dreaming and brainstorming names with hubby, nesting, foot rubs, buying baby items and new maternity clothes, etc), experiencing pregnancy during the Phoenician summer was not one of the things I looked forward to.

Luckily humans invited air conditioning and even more fortunate, my house, place of work, my car, my doctor's office, and many other places I visited the summer of 2014 had air conditioning.  I was also lucky that our house had a pool.  Sitting on the steps of the pool while growing baby was definitely refreshing and cooling.  Admittedly, it was a little weird to swim/kick and then baby kick. But overall, a great way too cool off when pregnant.

I also discovered during summer 2014 (my 2nd and 3rd trimester) that I couldn't get enough watermelon. Watermelon was my pregnancy CRAVING.  I ate at least one a week all summer long, leading up to Jack's birth in early September.  There were weeks where I'd eat the one we bought on Sunday by Monday/Tuesday, and Bobby would have to go buy another one after work on Wednesday.  I was obsessed.

It was the perfect juicy treat for the hot summer days.  It also satisfied my huge sweet tooth in a healthy way. The first trimester I was all about salt, but by the second, the sweet tooth I had before pregnancy definitely intensified by 10x. I also found out watermelon contains magnesium, and just like iron and folic acid, magnesium is beneficial for pregnancy too (it helps with nausea is what I remember reading).  Funny how our bodies tell us through cravings what we might be needing nutritionally. :)

Pregnant me!

So here I am, June 2014 through September 2014, growing my own watermelon (haha) while eating tons and tons and tons of the fruit.  You'd think that after eating so much of it, I'd be sick of it.  And that does happen for some pregnant people. They have this craving while pregnant and eat so much of that one thing, that post postpartum, they never want to eat, touch or see that food ever again.

But not me.  I still love watermelon.  I don't eat it with as much fervor as I did when pregnant, but I can still polish off a half of one in a week.  Jack on the other hand, well, he can take it or leave it.  Blueberries, bananas, or grapes, not watermelon, are his favorite.

So what did you, or someone you know, crave when pregnant?  Was it a weird combo (my watermelon craving, other than the large amount, doesn't fit the pickles and ice cream weird combo mold)? Do you (or your pregnant acquaintance) still love the food or grossly distaste it now?

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