Wednesday, September 14, 2016

9/14/16- Jack Turns 2!

Jack turned 2 the past week, and I only freaked out a little bit.  By freaked out, I mean I balled my eyes. I cried most of August 28th.  August 28 was when his preschool/daycare moved him up to the next class. It was a few days before his actual birthday. And seeing him the next level up really hit me hard.  It hit the hubby hard too.  I was very melancholy and sad that whole week.  Bobby called it a week of nostalgic reflection (that sounds so much better than sad).

I was nostalgically reflecting that week because my baby is no longer a baby.  Of course metaphorically speaking he always be my baby, but physically, he no longer looks like a baby or acts like a baby. Seeing him in room full of toddlers was so shocking.  I think 2 has hit me harder than 1 did. At 1, he still looked like a baby and had baby needs.  Sure I was reflecting at 1 as well, but my excitement trumped any melancholy. With 2, there was mostly just nostalgic reflection.

Also here's a tip for you. When performing nostalgic reflection about how your baby is not a baby anymore (or any other type of nostalgic reflections), do NOT watch TV shows that have sentimental values (it was The O.C for me). Or listen to "Landslide."  Or read "I Love You Forever."  I have a love/hate relationship with that shark book.

With work (which I also have a love/hate relationship with), Jack's party (no crying this year from birthday boy, so success!), and the nostalgic reflection, I did not blog (blog is a verb now, right? Just like google?).  I had also planned to make this awesome slide show that had a picture of each month Jack's been a live, depicting the change from baby to kid. And it was going to either be set to Stevie Nick's "Landslide" (see nostalgic reflection don'ts above) or Jack's favorite song "Skidamarink."

So that awesome slide show did not get made. We'll just have to settle for a newborn pic, 1 year old pic, and 2 year old pic. Settling is always good. Homer taught it to Bart, and I'll teach it to Jack (sorry had to make Simpsons reference/joke). (And I apologize for all the parentheses in this post.  I think I'm still nostalgically reflecting.)

Just born!

1st birthday

2nd birthday

Leave a note in the comments or Facebook about any nostalgic reflection you do, including shows, books, songs, movie that help you in your reflection.  "See" ya next week!

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