Thursday, December 8, 2016

12/8/16- One, Two, Eleven and Twelve

Yay! Woo hoo!  It's been 1 year (plus 3 days) since I started writing this blog.  Happy Birthday blog! It's also my friend Carrie's birthday, Happy Birthday Carrie! Life is full of wonderful ups and horrible downs, but all I can say is hammerhead, isn't it grand to know your life can be forever captured, in binary form on the Internet?  Ha!

As I look back at my first ever post: The Intro, I've learned I need to continuously improve my editing skills.  I've also learned that writing is not a mundane job for me.  Here it is a year later, and I'm still posting on this blog and planning to release a picture book (Annie Aardvark, Mathematician coming in January 2017)!  I've attended a children's writing conference and critic groups- I have learned so much about the children's book industry.  It's been exciting (not boring at all).

It's also been 2 years since I've returned to work from my maternity leave.  I've learned that the feelings I had returning to work, well those feelings never really left (Separation Anxiety), just the reason for those feelings has changed (so much more fun to hang out with Jack than do my day job). I've learned though that I don't have to suffer through my boring job.  I can change my job situation-- either with a new job or a new career.  Personal change is coming, and it will be good for me (the country's change in January, I'm not so sure will be good).

The other anniversaries that I'm celebrating this month are my work anniversary.  It will be 12 years at the same old, same old job on December 13.  And then it will be 11 years since Bobby and I had our first date. December 22, 2005 was our first date, and part of it involved going to the Phoenix Zoo Lights (the other part was having dinner at Lo Cascio).

Jack with the Santa at Zoo Lights 
(Bobby and I didn't capture the fateful moment because it was before the time of selfies)

We recently went to Zoo Lights with Jack, and it was nostalgia at its best.  See 11 years ago, I told Bobby that wanted to ride the carousel (during our date at Zoo Lights), and Bobby was game. He was willing to have fun despite looking like a fool. It's one of the qualities I love best about him (if you keep a list of qualities I want in a potential spouse, make sure willing to have fun while looking silly is on there).

So we rode the carousel 11 years ago, and it was magical. It was even more magical riding it with Jack last weekend. Nothing like reliving your first date experience with your child (see told you it was nostalgia at it's best). Tear.

Anyway, happy anniversaries to me! To quote Jack, "I did it!" 1 year of writing, 2 years of being a working parent, 11 years of dating Bobby, and 12 years as an engineer in the industry. I'm totally having a glass of champagne this weekend! I hope you'll join in me in toasting to your own life's milestones.  Because if we can't drink to our accomplishments, then shark it all, I don't want to live forever in 1's and 0's!  Cheers, here's to us (and our digital immorality)!

PS: The it's been one year since I started this blog, triggered this song. You're welcome.

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  1. Happy blog day!!! And let me know where I can pre-order your book :)