Wednesday, December 9, 2015

12/5/15- Jack

The two favorite parts of my work day involve my son Jack.  Of course it does, because how could you not feel happy when looking at this guy?  He's so beautiful and happy and everything good in the world!  (Way to humble brag.  Not!  That was full on bragging, and I'm not ashamed of it.)

My 1st favorite part of my work day is at the end of it when I pick Jack up from daycare (probably most people's favorite part is when the work day is done :-)).  I go into his classroom, and he spots me and gives this big smile and walks/runs towards me.  He wants to be immediately picked up and hugged when he reaches me, and I always scoop him up.  It's the best feeling ever.  

Unless Daddy (his daddy, my husband in case you needed clarification) is also with me for pick up. Then he blows past me and runs into Daddy's arms. Son of a shark!  Yeah, that stings a little.  But right now he only wants to give me kisses, not Daddy, so that takes the sting off a little (sorry Daddy! I'm sure he'll give you kisses soon enough). 

My 2nd favorite part of my work day, also on weekend days, is telling him a story.  Now sometimes he'll sit all cuddly in my lap, other times he'll be playing with some toy, ignoring me. I just love reading him someone else's stories, or making up my own.

It dawned on me that these stories I've made up, I probably, kinda should write them down.  Because one day, I'll forget how they go.  I do after all have mommy brain (you mommy's out there know what I'm talking about :-))! I want to leave these stories with him, with us, forever- that we always remember the happy, beautiful, good feels that come with the end of the work day. 

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