Tuesday, March 1, 2016

3/1/16- The Blog Name

So I thought I'd use this week's post to talk about why I named my blog "Momee Zee."  I know, it's not cool if you have to explain it.  But I'm ok with not being cool, and thus I'm ok if you think the this explanation, and the blog name itself, is not cool.

The "Momee" part of the name is probably obvious: it's just another way to spell mommy, and I'm a mommy.  Easy enough.

The next part "Zee" is because I once described to a friend that my name was Suzie with a 'z,'  (as opposed to spelling it Susie), and the nickname has stuck in some circles.  In other circles, I'm simply Suz or Suzie.

Now here comes the part that I think is unique: I spelled mommy and 'Z' with double e's at the end because I'm an EE (an Electrical Engineer).  Get it?  Yeah, I know it's not cool to spell out your "clever" naming convention.  And technically I'm now a Systems Engineer.  I did get my BS in EE.  That's right I can BS with the best of them about EE.  *Groan*

Maybe a cute baby picture of my son (from about a year ago) will soothe you?

Just reach out and pinch those adorable cheeks! 

Babies FTW!  Happy March everyone!

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  1. Well, I thought it was clever:) Learning so much about you through your blog and looking forward to more from MomeeZee!!