Wednesday, March 9, 2016

3/9/16- A Cold and Work Stress, Worst Cocktail Ever

This week at work has been really stressful.  Monthly system availability reports are due around the beginning of each month, but usually there's only about 50 system "tickets" to analyze and review. However, this month I had over 180!  Triple! And only one week to analyze and review all 180.  I have been logging in remotely to get this work done after Jack has gone to bed.

Of course I'm stressed out.  Which of course means I got sick.  I think it's just a standard sinus cold, no weird childhood disease (like that time I had hand and food).  But I need more rest.  So much for the part time work=more rest=getting healthy.

Anyway, I've had some bright spots this week, like getting fries and milk shakes with the family. Dropping Jack off at daycare.  The Pug being my ever faithful co-worker as I work late.  Yep, the bright spots are babies and dogs.  Let's just close out this post with pictures of both.

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