Thursday, March 31, 2016

3/31/16- Happy Easter Birthday!

This week was busy, crazy, and fun!  Easter happened, which in our house means lots of chocolate, yum!  Hubby had to go to NM for Ty's funeral. :-( And hubby finally got the pins out of his broken hand (from his bike accident in January).

My birthday also happened!  This is my last year in the 25-34 year survey demographic range.  I better eat lots of cake while I'm still in that range.

I took my birthday off, got a massage and pedicure, watched some TV and read a non-picture book, and then had a nice dinner with family and friends.  Taking the day off though meant there was lots to catch up on at work this week.

I did submit one article to a kids' magazine this week, and hopefully it will make our friends' daughters kid magazine famous (the girls were pictured doing the science experiment I wrote about).

So this week's blog is short.  I'll try to make it up next week by writing some long, lengthy (possibly boring if too long) blog.

In the meantime, enjoy the geeky Easter card I got:

The inside reads, "Warning: Egg hunts may bring out the dark side in some people." Haha!

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