Tuesday, March 15, 2016

3/15/16- First Rejection

I have another writer's badge-- my first rejection!  The city writing contest I entered (in February) has officially contacted me, informing me that they did not choose my essay.  I'm a little bummed of course but also relieved.  My understanding about being a writer is that you struggle and get rejected. A LOT.  So this rejection is all part of my path to becoming a professional writer.  Wee?

On the flip side, since the city politely declined (it was a very courteous rejection letter) my essay, I can submit my essay to another contest or even a magazine.  I've already gone ahead and submitted the essay to a magazine that publishes fiction and nonfiction for teens.  In fact, I've got 3 different manuscripts (stories/essays) out to different magazines.  And I plan to submit a couple more.  I just need one to get published. Just one. :-)

About 2 week ago, I wrote and submitted my first query letter to a literary/book agent. Since I haven't heard from the agent, I plan to send out a couple of queries to more agents this weekend.  I am also going to my first SCBWI meeting this weekend. It will be a great opportunity to meet other children's authors and illustrators in the Valley.

I'm excited and a little nervous. I know how judgy engineers can be if you're not an engineer but work in the tech industry (ask accountants at Google or such if they feel just as valued as the CS and engineers). Are writers the same? Fingers crossed they'll be a little more open.  I just want to be welcomed into the community (residual childhood feelings of being a dork/being left out).  

This drawing is one of the better ones

Final note is that I've actually attempted to illustrate a board/picture book.  Everything I've read about children's writing is that agents and publishers are more eager to have a packaged deal for picture books than to have a separate writer and illustrator.  But the thing is I'm not an illustrator; I know this much about my talents.  Sitting down and drawing out a picture book yesterday only reinforced my self awareness.  I mean, some of the drawings were okay, but others... yeah...And then I have to figure out how to turn the drawings into digital images/manuscript.  I think I have an old copy of Photoshop around somewhere. However, I have doubts that turning these drawings into a digital manuscript are going to somehow magically improve them. Poof! (I wish it was that easy.)

Thanks for reading about my adventures of transitioning from engineer to writer and stay tune for more.  Because if I know one thing about writing is that there will be more rejection, which will supply plenty of material for future blog posts.  Take care friends!

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  1. Suz, Sorry to hear about your first rejection, but's it's only the beginning. Your just one is coming soon:) I am so excited for you!!